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Laughter and Business Mingle on April Fool's Day!

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Mon, Apr 1, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

april fool's day business and laughter garden media groupYahoo! April Fool's day is a day we can all celebrate! Best of all, the day of humor, pranks, and non-stop jokes lands on a Monday. A great way to spice up our week!

April's Fool's day is fantastic for laughs around the office and the house. Office supplies in Jello anyone?

Get the laughter outside of the office! April Fool's Day is such an awesome way to flaunt your humor with the world. Below, we're outlining a handful of our favorite brand pranks... plus, tips on integrating humor into your garden business today, and every day!

Ha, Ha, Ha: Laughter Matters in Business

People, namely your clientele, love to laugh! Laughter releases all those feel-good endorphins, which brighten any day. But, adults laugh a mere seventeen times a day, compared to children who laugh around four hundred times! Let's change that!

When brand's participate in April Fool's Day, your customers learn to count on you for a laugh. Again, with the multitude of brand choices we have for everything, customers flock back to the brands they love, trust, and laugh with.

The more you use humor in your brand, the more customers will want to follow you on Twitter, for something other than the discounts! 

Our Favorite Brand Pranks

BBC's Spaghetti Harvest

spaghetti harvest bbc humor in business garden media groupIn 1957, The BBC (Brititsh Broadcasting Corporation) pulled one of the greatest pranks in media history: the spaghetti harvest. Just click on the image to the left to see the spaghetti harvest video in all its glory!

Up until this point, BBC was believed to have no sense of humor whatsoever. Instead, the monotonous, text-book voice of BBC was synonyomous with boring.

This spaghetti harvest video, which aired on April 1st 1957, showed a different side of the BBC. BBC used its ho-hum brand persona to its advantage; yes, they're a bit boring, but they're credible.

Thus, when the BBC aired the spaghetti harvest video, the brodcasting company went down in public relations history. The BBC used its iconic brand to show their sense of humor. The video was impeccably done, from the voice-over to the realistic images. The spaghetti harvest video caught the BBC audience by surprise while furthering and expanding their brand.

BBC's Humor Lessons in Your Garden Business

Work within the conventions of your brand. When pulling an April Fool's Day prank, make your prank look as real as possible. In your garden business, you'll have to make sure to use the same brand persona. 

In essence, don't make your prank look like a prank. You want your customers, and the population at large, to really have to think about this prank. Wait, does spagehetti actually grow on trees!?

By working within the brand conventions of your business, you'll get the biggest bang out of your prank while keeping the brand buzz alive and well!

Scope's Bacon Mouthwash

scope bacon public relations press generating buzz garden media groupThis has without a doubt been my favorite brand prank of the year: the introduction of Scope Bacon. The commerical (just click on the image to the left to see it) is hysterical.

Scope takes this outlandish idea all the way; their sense of humor meshes perfectly with their credibility. I've seen countless articles commenting on the Scope Bacon phenonmenon: real or fake? 

Either way, bloggers, newspapers, Twitter, and Facebook cannot seem to stop talking about the Scope Bacon mouthwash.

Plus, Proctor & Gamble, owner of Scope, have a Facebook page, Twitter account, commerical, and website for the product. They did not skimp on their daily dose of bacon!

Scope's Humor in Your Garden Business

Go all out! Hosting a website is extremely cheap, starting a Facebook page and Twitter account costs nothing, and the time invested in this prank is time well spent! 

People are talking, and thus, traveling to these Scope outlets to learn (or laugh) more. 

When your garden business attempts a prank, make it seem as legimate as possible. Again, we want our garden customers to be truly stumped as to whether this is a prank or a real product.

Plus, Scope played it right on the calendar! Scope released this product (along with the video/social media/website) on March 26th, a few days before April Fool's day. This timeline allowed the internet to spend the weekend talking to their friends and family about the prank, and then, go into work Monday and talk about it with their co-workers. 

Releasing the video before April Fool's day also added to the mystery of whether the product was real or not!

What are your favorite brand pranks?! We love to laugh at Garden Media Group, so please share!

Using humor will always grow your business. Learn more insider public relations tips with our free e-book below!

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 Special thanks to NIE Rocks for the colorful Aprils Fool's Day image!

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