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Branding Your Garden Business from Font to Product

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Thu, Feb 28, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

fonts branding your garden businessBranding is a big, big concept, but when it comes right down to it, branding your business is truly a compilation of small choices. 

Digital branding has become increasingly important, and one of my favorite (and least discussed) aspects of creating a digital, online presence is the font you use.

Recently, I just started watching American Horror Story-- a bit behind the times I know. But, their font encapsulates the essence of their product and brand perfectly. Check it out here. This font works so well because it reflects the three words that describe their culture and brand.

When creating a digital presence for your gardening business, avoid these blacklisted fonts! Plus, read up on how to pick the perfect font to make your horticulture businesses unique and memorable.

Comic Sans

branding comic sansNO font makes my eyes roll more than Comic Sans. It's far too cutesy and seeped in childhood naivity. This font is made for lemonade stands and children's art projects. Comic Sans has no place in the world of horticulture, or business for that matter.

We all like to have fun, but remember to always keep that professional air about you and your garden business. 


branding fonts garden business curlzAt first glance, Curlz seems to have that free-spirit, funky yet cute vibe down pat. Curlz can add a bit of flair on occassion, but the real sin is when Curlz is the only font you use. 

Fonts should be able to be used on every page of your website, not just one.


branding garden business fonts papyrusIt's different enough that it works, right? Old-timey, but still trendy? Nope on both accounts. Papyrus is not innately bad, but instead, it's become a product of its society. This font is overused and stale.

You want your business to look fresh and modern, and Papyrus will ensure your customers never give you the time of day.


branding your garden business fonts copperplateIt's strong! It's bold! It's professional! And yet, again, it's again overused. Oodles of businesses already had these same thoughts and grabbed this font for themselves.

Make sure your font is just for your business. 

Bottom Line: Typography is an art!

Fonts seem small, but choosing a font is another way to showcase and further your garden company's culture and brand.

When choosing a font, make sure that it's not auto-installed on Microsoft Word. Any font that has been seen a million times and is readily available for everyone is NOT for a business.

Your business font should be unique. It should be just for YOU. Try this site; here, you'll find seven sites that are small enough to serve your garden business with individuality, yet established enough to have a wide selection.

My favorite font as of late is Champagne and Limousines! What's yours? 

Learn more about branding your garden business from head to toe with just one click below!


Branding Case Study

Thanks to PrePressure for the font image!

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