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Pinterest Improves SEO: Say What?

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Wed, Feb 20, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

pinterest seoYes! It's true. One of our favorite social media sites can actually boost your SEO for your business--big time. 

Honestly, what could be better? Pinterest, which is such, such a blast to use, can actually have major benefits for your SEO rank.

You’ve just got to know how to do it right. Every site and page your business has such be building your SEO. We’re all in this together!

With these easy-peasy, meaningful tips, you’ll learn how to use your Pinterest to improve SEO.

Be Thorough.

If you and your garden business are new to Pinterest, you may be overwhelmed… But, don’t get lost in the shuffle. Make sure every single spot you can write about your business is filled in. That means, fill out the about section on your profile, plug your name on boards, describe each pin, name your images, and of course, write in your title.

When filling out these critical Pinterest sections, you’ve got to use the words that matter. That’s right, those all-important, all-holy KEYWORDS. Each section should be a balance between lots of keywords and the art of language.

Be Mindful.

The biggest way to get traffic is to have content your customers can’t resist. Content is king! Research what your customers are pinning.

First, take a look at the numbers and categories your customers and followers are pinning. Then, try to get a personalized response. Reach out, and just ask a handful of your customers what exactly it is they’re looking for. You’ll get the low-down, and those you reach out to will feel extremely valued.

Be Connected.

Link, link, link! You can never have too many! Put links to your Pinterest on your company’s business page and other social sites—plus your blog. It’s all interconnected, so make sure your followers will have no trouble linking into everything else you do.

Also, if you’re pinning products, tag your pins with the price, and it will appear as a banner on the pin. How cool?! Take the guess work out of it. Make it as easy as possible by linking your image to the webpage where they can buy it. The easier to buy, the more purchases will happen.

Pinterest has benefits far beyond SEO. Read all about maximizing business with Pinterest below. It’s as easy as one click.


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