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Instagram This! Privacy Policy Info & What YOU Should Do as a PR Pro

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Thu, Jan 24, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

 instagram public relations media planInstagram has been dominating headlines over the past few weeks. Right before Christmas, Instagram announced a change to its privacy policy. In essence, the new policy would let advertisers pay Instagram to use your personal photos without telling you. As you are well-aware of by now, there was an uproar. Users shed the site and expressed their rage all over the media--social media included, of course.

However, Instagram is saying that this policy is NOT true. Instagram is in full-fledged crisis management mode and had their CEO email all of their users clarifying their new policies. In their rebuttal, Instagram said their privacy policy will remain the same as always and vowed that users would still own their photos--as they always have.

However, users across the globe are opting to keep their photos private to avoid them being used in advertisements. At this moment, the privacy policy puts business accounts in a tricky position.. What have you been talking about doing with your garden industry account?

Now that we know we're in the clear with the Instagram policy mix-up (for the most part), we can exhale deeply and hug our smart phones. Instagram is here to stay! Instagram is a fun, simple way to beautify your business and Facebook page.

But, just because Instagram seems easy to do, doesn't mean it is. We've seen some absolutely terrible uses of Instagram photos, so to keep you in the Instagram marketing loop, we're going to show you the best and worst of Instagram while passing along tips for creating an Instagram picture that will hopefully go viral!

The Worst of Instagram

instagram public relations media planDon't be generic.

How many times have we seen this shot? Instagram is a place to showcase your creativity and individuality-not your conformity.


 instagram public relations media planDon't indulge in food porn.

Again, generic. But, this shot is even worse. If you're about to eat a yummy meal at the office, let your stomach enjoy it, not your plethora of Instagram followers.


instagram public relations media plan

Don't be vein.

Oh, so that's what the people behind your company are wearing in the office. No matter how much you love that new pair of shoes or blazer, have some class, and keep it in office. This personal snapshot doesn't reflect your brand's persona, so steer clear.

The Best of Instagram

instagram public relations media planDo love Mother Earth.

We in the green, garden business are constantly in awe of nature. These are truly beautiful scenes and warm your heart. However, err on the side of caution. Make sure your shot is unique and connects to your business in one way or another.

instagram public relations media plan

Do capture monumental moments.

If there's a major happening in the office (new hire, new client, new product), let your Instagram followers in the loop. Make your followers feel special, and let them know the inside scoop first. Also, make sure the image is consistent with your brand. This Instagram of Tony Hawk with his daughter encapsulates everything we're talking about!

instagram public relations media planDo make us wonder.

A little photo trickery never hurt anyone! Let the fans decide: faux or for-real? Or, at the very least, upload a picture that will leave us in wonder. Users want to be in awe of the enormity of your business and what working at your business is really like.

(All Instagram photos link back to the orginal owner's account).

Need to know more about Instagram in your business? Keep the knowledge a'flowing with our free, downloadable e-book below!

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