Serving What Customers Want in 2014

You know trends drive consumers and consumers drive sales, but catering to ever changing customer needs requires you to have access to key consumer insights, which can be very costly. That’s why this 2014 Garden Trends Report white paper is so valuable. Armed with this information, you can fine tune your marketing, advertisings or PR to show your customers you “get it” and speak the language they want to hear.

The start of a new year is the perfect time to dive deeper into our 12 consumer garden trends to learn what is motivating your customers to begin planning for the upcoming gardening season.

The Garden Media 2014 Garden Trends Whitepaper uncovers:

  • How to translate 12 new consumer trends into profit in the home and garden sector

  • Insight into how consumers will seek to bring balance to their lives in 2014

  • How to forecast the mood of the consumer for the next couple of years

By surfing trend waves and knowing what your customers are thinking, you’ll be able to give them what they want, and, in turn, prosper year after year.

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